Our products

Together with people in various leading positions, we have developed a unique product collection.
OurErgo File Worker Kit, for example, is a perfect aid for personnel development discussions. The higher the position, the more meetings that are usually held. That is why we have developed several aids to use before, during and after the meetings. Order is absolutely essential for a boss to be able to have good structure in his or her work. 

Inspired by school heads, team leaders and students, we have manufactured several unique products particularly suitable for schools. Products targeted particularly at selected occurrences such as a crisis file, personnel development discussions and employment of substitutes, to name a few special articles. Regardless of whether they concern nursery school, compulsory school, sixth-form college or university, we can provide smart solutions, not least because of our technical help for writing.

The personnel concept contains smart solutions for all personnel working with daily administration in the office.
Does the post-it-note dislodge itself from the file you just attached it to? Is the pen you recently took from the storeroom on strike?  It’s important that products that are used on a daily basis work without any frustrating moments.  Rahmqvist Delectum’s unique products all comply with specifications of requirements within the areas of quality, ideas and function. 

We offer concrete ideas and solutions for profiling and marketing and how to set about being seen in an increasingly medial market, both within the private and public sectors. The brand is important and we bring attention to your company with everything from printed matter and engravings to embroidered articles. Innovation is something we strongly believe in and this becomes an integral part of our profiling concept. 

We help a broad spectrum of clients within architecture, the building and construction industries, electricity and HVAC with innovative solutions for handling blueprints.
Are you irritated that A1sheets roll up without needing two stones at the outer edges? Do you wish there were files and attractive presentation folders in A3format? If you handle blueprints in some form, then we have smart solutions for you.